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The manufacturing concern ZF is a leader in the production of multistage transmissions for cars of various brands. ZF 6 speed automatic transmission is the first version of the proprietary gearbox, which began to be used by the largest automakers around the world. Modern models have 9 feet. The main advantages of the company’s products are reliability, efficiency and economical fuel consumption.

ZF automatic gearbox: German quality and reliability

“Automatic machines” ZF are in no way inferior to competitors, and in some ways even surpass boxes of other manufacturers in terms of technical characteristics. The mechanism is installed on models BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Alfa-Romeo, Aston Martin and other brands. The unit has a fairly small size and efficiency of lubrication of working units, due to which the transmission is capable of operating at ultra-high speeds. At the same time, the box shows itself as a reliable and efficient mechanism.

The box is controlled automatically and guarantees smooth gear shifting, excellent vehicle dynamics. Automatic transmission repair is not a hassle, it is carried out promptly, without interfering with other car systems. The most common version is considered to be the ZF 8 speed transmission. It has a number of technical features:

• Versatility – the transmission can be installed on vehicles with different types of drive;
• Reliability and durability;
• Wide range of power;
• High performance;
• Low fuel consumption;
• High dynamics and smooth running.

The new 9-speed transmission ZF 9 speed transmission is designed for vehicles with front-wheel drive and transverse engine arrangement. The model also stands out for its compact dimensions, high overall gear ratio and saves fuel consumption up to 16%.

ZF automatic transmission in GearboxOils online store

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