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The gearbox is one of the most important elements of the transmission, the main task of which is to convert and transfer torque from the car engine to the drive wheels. Each specialized gearbox shop offers a wide range of products for different car brands. Timely replacement of the gearbox or its individual parts, professional maintenance of the mechanism help to extend the life of the vehicle and improve its dynamic characteristics.

Gearbox: types and characteristics of spare parts

The clutch and gearbox form the basis of the transmission unit. Depending on the car model, the number of gears is 4-6, excluding the reverse gear. Gear shifting occurs due to the serial clutch of the gears, and the movement of the mechanism is provided by the synchronizer and the blocking of the shaft gears.

Gearbox company: GearboxOils implements gearboxes of the following types:

• Mechanical – manual transmissions, which are characterized by low weight, high efficiency, and also guarantee low fuel consumption and high acceleration dynamics;

• Automatic – transmissions that provide maximum driving comfort, which make it possible to change gears at full power and guarantee engine protection and smooth running of the car. Our gearbox website allows you to select the most up-to-date gearboxes and accessories for your vehicle at attractive prices;

• Robotic – this is a modernized mechanical box, where clutch release and gear change are controlled by a special electronic unit. The main feature is the presence of 2 clutches.

• CVT gearboxes – stepless gearboxes, in which there are no gears – the course changes smoothly, without the usual steps. The main advantages are low fuel consumption and good car dynamics;

• Tiptronic – an innovative transmission that combines the characteristics of a manual transmission and an automatic transmission. Gear shifting is carried out in both modes.

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